The Ugly Truth Of Fast Fashion | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

“Just by wearing your garments for 9 months longer, it could reduce your carbon foot print for that garment by 30%. If everyone bought 1 used item this year instead of new it could save nearly 6 pounds of C02 emissions. That’s equivalent to removing half a million cars off the road for a year.”

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Fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara are churning out cheap, new clothes every few days, fueling us to shop more than ever before. Hasan explores how our desire to look “fresh to death” is actually killing the planet.

9 best plastic-free living books

Looking for ideas on how to reduce your plastic consumption? Here’s some recommended books on the subject!


Government to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021: Source


The Trudeau government will ban single-use plastics as early as 2021, CBC News has learned from a government source.

Plastic straws, cotton swabs, drink stirrers, plates, cutlery and balloon sticks are just some of the single-use plastics that will be banned in Canada, according to the source.

This is part of a larger strategy to tackle the plastic pollution problem that the government is expected to announce Monday.

13 Eco-Friendly Products You Should Replace Your Plastic Stuff With


“The best thing you can do for the environment is to buy as little new stuff as you can.

The next best thing you can do is buy products that are sustainably sourced, biodegradable, and create as little waste as possible. Use this list as a shopping list for when all your other stuff breaks or runs out – use up everything you have already first!”

No-Waste Grocery Stores Are Coming To Canada
“There’s absolutely a huge demand for this type of shopping.”

“VANCOUVER — Customers at a boutique Vancouver grocery store won’t find racks of individually packaged goods or rolls of plastic bags in which to lug their food home.

The missing plastic and packaging isn’t an oversight. A carefully constructed supply chain allows Nada to sell hundreds of food products without single-use packaging and add little waste to landfills.

The store’s owner is part of a wave of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who are opening no-waste markets across Canada in an effort to help Canadians and the grocery industry reduce waste amid a global garbage glut.”

The Best Environmental News of 2018 — Earth Seems to be in Good Hands After All


We have a lot to do, to get our beautiful planet back on track but on the first Friday of the New Year, let’s celebrate the positive that was done in 2018!

“Based on the doom-and-gloom stories we see on our newsfeeds, you might believe there is no hope for our big blue planet—but this year’s groundbreaking environmental achievements show the future to be brighter with every passing day.”


“San Francisco (USA) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands), September 8, 2018 – The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch non-profit organization developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, today launched the world’s first ocean cleanup system from the San Francisco Bay. The cleanup system (“System 001”) is heading to a location 240 nautical miles offshore for a two-week trial before continuing its journey toward the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, 1,200 nautical miles offshore, to start the cleanup. System 001 is being towed from the San Francisco Bay by the vessel Maersk Launcher, which has been made available to the project by A.P. Moller-Maersk and DeepGreen, its current charter holder.”

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