Mt. Lorne Transfer Station Update

We are not able to accept stumps and grubbing any longer. The Mt Lorne dump is really not a dump at all. It is a 100% transfer station meaning that ALL materials deposited at the site have to be either dealt with on site or transported elsewhere for processing. Almost all other sites are partial transfer stations as they have landfilling capabilities to bury some types of waste.

Mt Lorne Transfer Station is surrounded by highways, roads and private property, which means there is nowhere for us to expand to or to landfill materials like stumps and dirt. Currently stumps and associated soils and gravel are dumped in a pile and we must then load into dump trucks and take them to larger site, which is very expensive and time consuming and we are no longer able to accommodate this service. 

Thank you for your understanding.

  • Mt. Lorne Transfer Station 

Hours Update

Good morning everyone! April is almost here and that means our summer hours (open Fridays) are too!

Technically summer hours start on April 1st, but as good Friday falls on Friday April 2nd we will remain closed and our summer hours will start NEXT Friday April 9th.

– The Mt. Lorne Team

Summer Hours (April 1st-September30) 
Friday 7am-3pm 
Saturday 10am-6pm 
Sunday 10am-6pm 
Monday 7am-3pm

Snow Update

Good morning everybody! We haven’t been able to clear all the snow from the transfer station, so the lower portion of the transfer station, i.e. brush, construction and metal are not accessible.

Please do not bring these materials to Mt. Lorne Transfer Station until next week. If you have to, Carcross, Tagish, Marsh Lake and Whitehorse are able to receive these materials. We have been able to plow a narrow path around the transfer station but there will be no room to park and spend time at the free store. We apologize for the inconvenience- Hello Winter!

Free Store Update

We are taking the Free Store online!

If you have items that you would normally drop off at the free store (see list below), please post them on the Mt. Lorne Transfer Station Free Store Trading page on Facebook, or email us at and we will post your items with your contact information on our website and Facebook trading group. 
In taking the free store online we are encouraging physical distancing as much as we possible can and ask that participants adhere to the following guidelines:

• Posted items must be clean and washed before someone pick the items up
• All items posted must be FREE, same as if you were dropping them off at the free store (the online free store will operate as closely to the free store at the transfer station as possible!)
• Overall, please be safe and respectful of everyone participating in the online Free Store

What the Free Store Accepts
* Anything that can fit in your vehicle that is still usable or just needs minor repairs *
Household materials
Other items not listed (if stuff is broke, please indicate)

Thank you to our wonderful community for your continued support.

– Mt. Lorne Transfer Team

Mt. Lorne Transfer Station Recycling and Refund Update (Effective May 22)

On March 20th the Mt. Lorne Transfer station stopped bottle depot services due to uncertainty and safety issues posed by Covid-19. However since then we’ve taken steps to make sure that our operations are safe for staff and customers and we are now confident that we can resume our bottle depot services and our recycling services while ensuring staff are safe and that customers adhere to social distancing measures. The Free Store will remain closed due to the large amounts of traffic that it generates, but please stay tuned for alternative options that we are working on.

Recyclable Materials Accepted

Paper products -cardboard, boxboard, white office paper, mixed-paper (newsprint, magazines, coloured paper)

Tin cans

Textiles (clean clothes only – no purses shoes or belts)

Plastics – Soft plastic (plastic without edges, ie. plastic bags, shrink-wrap

Hard plastic – # 1, 3,5,6,7 – # 1 clamshell packaging is now included in hard plastic

NO Styrofoam at all! There is currently no market at all available to recycle any Styrofoam

Mt Lorne refund depot will be open for cash refunds on May 22 with the following changes:

Small orders (less than 5 or 6 bags) will be given cash refunds, with normal social distancing guidelines. Customers are requested to self-sort as much as possible at home in order to speed up the refund process.

Large orders (more than 5 or 6 bags) can be dropped off and will be processed later during the week for a cash refund pickup the following week.

This drop off model for larger orders will reduce the amount of time site users spend on site thereby ensuring social distancing standards are adhered to.

Donations – refunds can be donated to the Whitehorse Food-bank, Mt Lorne Firehall, LMCA, or to the dump itself. Thank you in advance for any and all donations.

Thank you everybody, slowly but surely were getting through this, thanks for your help and good will!

From all the Mt Lorne Staff