The Mt Lorne dump, our dump, was just a hole in the ground until the mid 90s, much like a lot of other dumps around the territory and throughout the country. This was when the Mt. Lorne Garbage Management Society was formed to provide refunds for beverage containers and a place to recycle. Even back then the dump was also a kind of reuse and recycling community centre, like it is today. People used to come and throw their garbage into the pit and visit with neighbours, watch the bears and grab useful items to be reused or repaired before the pit was burned. Things have been changing since then, hopefully for the better, at least environmentally!

DateWhat happened in RecyclingWhat happened in Garbage
1994/95Mt. Lorne Recycling Society (MLGM) forms. Refunds & recycling begin.Garbage burned in pit
1996/97The first out building is constructed for storing recyclables and a log building is acquired. The community lobbies to stop burning due to smell & smouldering garbage.Garbage is burned in concrete bunker where compost is now.
1997/98Burning of garbage is successfully stopped. The dump gets a gate and an attendant. Compost and organics program begins increasing diversion from the landfill. Landfilling of garbage on site begins.
2000/01Attendants compile stats to warrant a proposal to become a transfer station. The dump is running out of room for the landfill or to bury the garbage.
2002/03Mt. Lorne becomes first territorial transfer stationGarbage is now transported to Whitehorse for disposal.
2004-2010Attendants compile weights and volumes of garbage and recycling to determine waste diversion estimates of a little over 50% . Various community recycling and education programs are completed. Balers are purchased for compacting cardboard and paper.Garbage is still transported to Whitehorse for disposal.
2011-2017Reuse, recycling & HHW building extensions are completed. Reuse stores at Whitehorse Dump, Raven Recycling & Salvation Army are closed.Garbage compactor installed to compact garbage on site & decrease transportation expenses to Whitehorse.
2018Usage rates for Mt. Lorne Dump increase dramatically, resulting in upwards of 300 cars on some days.
2019A 1 year contract to operate the Mt. Lorne
Transfer Station is tendered. MLGM ceases. Operations and Mike Bailie Recycling (MBR) is the successful bidder and currently operates the Mt Lorne site.

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