Free Store

Currently the Mt. Lorne Transfer Station Free Store is only open for drop-offs on Fridays and Saturdays (open for browsing the other days we are open). At the moment we can only accept 1 bag per person.

It is $1 per bag or box for free store drop off. Bigger items like couches, mattresses etc. are $10. There is no charge for boxes or bags of clothes or electronics. Mt Lorne also doesn’t charge for books and magazines,as we recycle them. These rules apply to all free stores not just Mt. Lorne.

Thank you for understanding.

The Free Store is also online!

If you have items that you would normally drop off at the free store (see list below), please post them on the Mt. Lorne Transfer Station Free Store Trading page on Facebook, or email us at and we will post your items with your contact information on our website and Facebook trading group.

In taking the free store online we are encouraging physical distancing as much as we possible can and ask that participants adhere to the following guidelines:

– Posted items must be clean and washed before someone pick the items up

– All items posted must be FREE, same as if you were dropping them off at the free store (the online free store will operate as closely to the free store at the transfer station as possible!)

– Overall, please be safe and respectful of everyone participating in the online Free Store

What the Free Store Accepts
* Anything that can fit in your vehicle that is still usable or just needs minor repairs *
Household materials
Other items not listed (if stuff is broke, please indicate)

Thank you to our wonderful community for your continued support.

– Mt. Lorne Transfer Team

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