Recycling services, tipping fees temporarily suspended in light of COVID-19 pandemic

Please read below the Yukon government news release:

So you’re probably wondering just what can we recycle?

Well we can still divert around 50% of our waste from the landfill by the following:

Compost / organics – these comprise around 50% of domestic waste all by themselves. So grab a bucket
for compost and either put in a compost pile at home, or add it to our compost and organics diversion pile.

Cardboard and boxboard – yep we can still collect and bale cardboard and boxboard (no magazines or books tho) so keep it coming.

Tin cans and Metal – tin cans go into the metal pile which will – one day soon we hope – be compacted and sent out for recycling.
E waste – what is ewaste you ask? Its electronic waste and it consists of anything with a cords. Anything that uses electricity. So make sure anything with a cord goes on our ewaste table (ask attendant please).

HHW – which is household hazardous waste, and this stuff is probably the most important material to recycle as it is the most harmful to the environment. This includes waste oil and antifreeze, batteries, fluorescent tubes (mercury vapour) chemicals solvents paints and stains, flammables. These items should never be put into the compactor because they will just get buried in the Whitehorse landfill. They need to be incinerated cleanly at high temps, so please keep them out for proper disposal.

Refunds – we are exploring ways and methods of reopening our refunds, at least on a limited basis, perhaps by having you organize and count your refundable’s into separate containers or bags in order to limit exposure, or perhaps set up estimation containers. We will get back to everybody hopefully by next week.

Thanks everybody and really —- spring is coming!!!

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