Mt Lorne Transfer Station Recycling and Refund Depot Update (Effective May 1)

On March 20th the Mt. Lorne Transfer station stopped bottle depot services due to uncertainty and safety issues posed by Covid-19. However since then we’ve taken steps to make sure that our operations are safe for staff and customers and we are now confident that we can resume our bottle depot services and our recycling services while ensuring staff are safe and that customers adhere to social distancing measures. The Free Store will remain closed due to the large amounts of traffic that it generates.

Recyclable Materials Accepted – as of May 1

Paper products -cardboard, boxboard/mixed paper, office paper, and newsprint

Tin cans

Textiles (clean clothes only – no purses shoes or belts

Plastics – Soft plastic (plastic without edges, i.e. plastic bags, shrink-wrap

Hard plastic – # 1, 3,5,6,7 # 1 clamshell packaging is now included in hard plastic styrofoam, white packaging Styrofoam only!No building or coloured Styrofoam, no meat trays.

Mt Lorne Bottle depot – will be open for refunds on May 1 with the following changes…we are

Shifting to a drop off model: Customers and site users will be informed through social media and one-on-one interactions that Mt. Lorne will begin accepting beverage containers for drop-off. Customers will drop off beverage containers with the understanding that transfer station attendants will sort the containers and provide a refund in cash the following week. A drop off model will reduce the amount of time site users spend on site thereby ensuring social distancing standards are adhered to.

Storing Beverage Containers for 72 Hours: According to the W.H.O. Covid-19 can survive up to 72 hours on plastics and metals. When customers drop off beverage containers in plastic bags attendants will label the bags with the name of the customer and the day when it was dropped off. After 72 hours attendants will then sort and tally each customer’s refund and enter it into a spreadsheet. During weekly cash-out the manager will prepare envelopes for customer pick-up the following week. We encourage customers to self-sort refundables into cans, milk jugs, plastic bottles and glass bottles as it speeds up the process significantly.   If you can, please wait until you have a larger load of refundables before dropping them off at the Mt. Lorne Transfer Station. One large bag a month is easier for us to sort than a small bag every week.

Donating all refunds: We recognize that it may be inconvenient to wait a week for a smaller refund, so if that’s the case we encourage you to donate refunds to:

  Whitehorse Food Bank – Mt Lorne Fire Hall – LMCA community center

Any refunds donated to the dump or not specified will be donated to the Food Bank 4.    Ensuring staff and customers are safe: Shifting to a drop off model allows staff to process beverage container refunds in a controlled environment without members of the public present which is safer for both staff and customers who might otherwise be waiting in a line for refunds to be processed on site. Staff will be provided with disposable rubber gloves for sorting refunds and an on-site hand-washing station. After refunds are sorted staff will clean surfaces with disinfectant

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